Santa Clara Parish

323 South E Street Oxnard, CA 93030     (805) 487-3891
Church Mass Schedule
Time Language Choir
6:30am English None
8:30am English Traditional Choir
10:30am English Traditional Choir
12:30pm English Congregational Singing
5:00pm English Contemporary Choir
7:00pm Español Coro en Español

Family Mass
The Santa Clara Family Mass is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month except January, July, August, and September.The Family Mass takes place at the elementary school auditorium, across the street from the church, at 9:30am.

Time Language Choir
8:30am English None
5:00pm English (Sunday Liturgy) Congregational Singing
7:00pm Español Coro en Español

Time Language
8:30am English

Holy Days
Time Language
8:30am English
5:15pm English
7:00pm Español
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